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Re: [stp-dev] about Buckminster for STP

1. since Buckminster require a root entry when resolve components, and we want to release STP based on different features, so should we setup some virtual components which will help us to organize STP features? Also some of the current features of STP doesn't include all plugins which belong to it, so I guess we need update them first, e.g. org.eclipse.buckminster.core.resolve miss jaxws plugin

Absolutely - because we have so many different pieces of tech,
it's important that we produce bundled downloads for different
developer profiles. So the virtual components that you mention
seem to be a good way to go. We just need to decide on what they
are to be :)

2. current build system will build, test, create distribution, site etc. So should we reimplement them using Buckminster, or just delegate other works to old build system and only use Buckminster for building and testing?

Let's take a staged view - we should not replace everything at
once as that will be too disruptive. Let's outline the options
and take them on one at a time if it makes sense.

3. should we still use releng in Buckminster?

I'm not sure what you mean by that question, Alex!

 best regards

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