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  • Re: [m2e-users] Is there a way to activate build-helper-maven-plugin in Kepler?, (continued)
  • [m2e-users] Overlay Publishing Errors, Gaythwaite, James
  • [m2e-users] build-helper-maven-plugin, Oliver Kopp
  • [m2e-users] Need to understand how/if m2e automatically downloads changed dependencies, KARR, DAVID
  • [m2e-users] Question on new archetype creation, Russell Bateman
  • [m2e-users] profile ids with spaces, Greg Amerson
  • [m2e-users] "Update project configuration" does not update the project configuration, Oliver Kopp
  • [m2e-users] Version handling & svn, Mauro Condarelli
  • [m2e-users] m2e 1.5/luna m3 candidate build, Igor Fedorenko
  • [m2e-users] Project generated from tycho-eclipse-plugin-archetype is missing JUnit, Steinar Bang
  • [m2e-users] m2e oddities, Andrew Pennebaker
  • [m2e-users] Helping m2e integrate with generate sources better by default, Andrew Pennebaker
  • [m2e-users] Stopping m2e to create non-existing source folders specified in build-helper-maven-plugin, Luca Naldini
  • [m2e-users] persistence.xml and "external jars", Jean Couillaud
  • [m2e-users] persistence.xml with filter var - error: cannot be resolved, Marcus Malcom
  • [m2e-users] Editing an xsd with imported schemas from dependencies in Eclipse, Jarkko Rantavuori
  • [m2e-users] Setting maven profile for parent project and its children, Robert Metzger
  • [m2e-users] Can you execute Maven commands manually within Spring ToolSuite?, Erich Specht
  • [m2e-users] Workspace Resolution and parent pom, Julie Macnaught
  • [m2e-users] new embedded maven runtime and other goodies, Igor Fedorenko
  • [m2e-users] Javadoc generation for Eclipse project, Steve Cohen
  • [m2e-users] Kepler - m2e Tycho Connector - Discovery fails, kavith Thiranga
  • [m2e-users] Changing "mocks" source dir from test to main classpath in a profile, Ramel Sophie (BIL)
  • [m2e-users] m2e 1.5/Luna M2 build is out, Igor Fedorenko
  • [m2e-users] Improved "import maven project" workflow in m2e 1.5.0, Fred Bricon

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