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[m2e-users] Project generated from tycho-eclipse-plugin-archetype is missing JUnit

The short form if this question, is:
 If I create a project using the tycho-eclipse-plugin-archetype, do I
 have do do it inside eclipse?  And do I have to put the resulting
 .project, .classpath etc. files under version control?

Here is the long story behind the question:

What I did initially was to I create a tycho eclipse plugin project
inside of eclipse earlier today, using the tycho-eclipse-plugin-archetype:

I used the procedure described in

When I wanted to add the generated project to git, using egit, it wanted
to add the .project and .classpath files, and lots of files that looked

So I ditched the plugin project generated from inside eclipse, and
instead generated a plugin project using
 mvn archetype:generate
and using the same archetype.

I added all of the generated files to git and made a commit.  Then I
imported the project(s) into an eclipse workspace.

The project structure is

And the httpcomposer.test project wouldn't wouldn't build, because it
couldn't find @Test, or anything else from org.junit.*.

I tried adding junit:junit:4.11 as a dependency, in the
httpcomposer/httpcomposer.test/pom.xml, but the httpcomposer.test
project was still failing to build.

Then I noticed that these maven projects don't have any "Maven
Dependencies", like a regular maven project inside eclipse, would have. 

Do I need to generate tycho maven projects from inside eclipse?  And do
I have to put their .project, .classpath etc. files under version


- Steinar

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