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  • [higgins-dev] Vote for Committer status for Andy Hodgkinson has started, paul
  • FW: [higgins-dev] Nomination of Duane Buss as Higginscommitter, Mary Ruddy
  • [higgins-dev] Version of Log4j, Mary Ruddy
  • [higgins-dev] Command line builds, Valery Kokhan
  • [higgins-dev] CP Toolkit, Jim Sermersheim
  • [higgins-dev] Youtube link:, abhi shelat
  • [higgins-dev] Commit of UI/ISS/RPPS code, abhi shelat
  • [higgins-dev] TokenService requires 2 directories?, Marc Boorshtein
  • [higgins-dev] Got Token Service Mostly Working...., Marc Boorshtein
  • [higgins-dev] FW: [ohf-dev] The future of ohf-dev, Mike Milinkovich
  • [higgins-dev] Producer of user-supplied IdAS objects, Jim Sermersheim
  • [higgins-dev] Generating Personal vs. Managed CardSpace i-cards, Paul Trevithick
  • [higgins-dev] Can you please document the status of the nightly scripts here?, Paul Trevithick
  • [higgins-dev] Getting started with IdAS?, Marc Boorshtein
  • [higgins-dev] Can we delete the "old table" now?, Paul Trevithick
  • [higgins-dev] About OpenXRI, Paul Trevithick
  • [higgins-dev] Bundling up some code for use as an RCP plug-in, Wayne Beaton
  • [higgins-dev] STS Configuration Question, Daniel Sanders

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