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Re: [higgins-dev] Version of Log4j

Spring 2.0 readme.txt file says that 'Integration is provided with Log4J 1.2,...'. Therefore, I think (but not for sure) it will work with Log4J 1.2.13 as well.

Best Regards,

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Eclipse legal informs me that 1.2.13 is currently under review (which
means if we could switch to 1.2.13 it would be approved faster.) 1.2.13
would work with the Commons Logging.  Could 1.2.13 work with the Spring
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Log4J in Jena CP is only optionally used by Apache Commons Logging.
Commons Logging v 1.1 requires Log4J v 1.2.6 and onwards. So 1.2.14 can
be used too.

Sergey Lyakhov
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Subject: [higgins-dev] Version of Log4j

The I-Card Manager list Log4J 1.2.14 as a prerequisite.  The Jena CP
lists Log4J  1.2.12 as a prerequisite.  Can you verify that 1.2.14 works
with the Jena CP? or make another recommendation for resolving the


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