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  • Re: [ecf-dev] User's input highlighting in DocShare, (continued)
  • [ecf-dev] RFC 119 Modified-endmatch support, Kiesslich, Thomas
  • [ecf-dev] Interested in VNC over ECF GSoc Project, Jayasanka Ilangarathne
  • [ecf-dev] GSoC proposal for EPL'd Yahoo implementation, Rajeev Sampath
  • [ecf-dev] SIp Voip implementation, Harshana Eranga Martin
  • [ecf-dev] Reminder: Meeting tomorrow (Thurs April 2) at 1500 UTC, Scott Lewis
  • [Fwd: Re: [ecf-dev] Pending changes to rfc 119 impl], Scott Lewis
  • [ecf-dev] Connection problems with the container for ActiveMQ 5.2, Furio Belgiorno
  • [ecf-dev] ECF rfc 119 impl naming...please read, Scott Lewis
  • [ecf-dev] Pending changes to rfc 119 impl, Scott Lewis
  • [ecf-dev] Remote services with XMPP between Linux and Windows, Guillaume PRIN
  • [ecf-dev] Link-Local Messaging in ECF, Roland Matha
  • [ecf-dev] GSoC ideas....Yahoo EPL'd implementation - possible issues...., Rajeev Sampath
  • [ecf-dev] About the Project idea "SIP VoIP implementation for ECF", Harshana Eranga Martin
  • [ecf-dev] ECF conference call postponed, Scott Lewis
  • [ecf-dev] Know about details for Video Chat Project, kalana sandhana
  • [ecf-dev] Need a Mentor <REST Abstraction for ECF>, Sreyansh Gandhi
  • [ecf-dev] "AIM Provider for ECF" Proposal, Ali Ok
  • [ecf-dev] Request ECF 2.0.0 source code, Jack Luo
  • [ecf-dev] GSoC ECF ideas.... Yahoo EPL'ed version or SIP/VoIP??, Rajeev Sampath
  • [ecf-dev] help regarding Gsoc ... plz..., >^< CrOsS FiRe >^<
  • [ecf-dev] REST abstraction proposal published, Holger Staudacher
  • [ecf-dev] Datashare channels..., Remy Chi Jian Suen
  • [ecf-dev] Conference Call Tomorrow: Canceled, Scott Lewis
  • [ecf-dev] REST abstraction for ECF - GSoC '09, Sreyansh Gandhi
  • [ecf-dev] New and Noteworthy for ECF 3.5M6, Scott Lewis
  • [ecf-dev] Google SoC - AIM Provider Idea, Ali Ok
  • [ecf-dev] Conference call postponed/rescheduled to Thurs, 1500 UTC, Scott Lewis
  • [ecf-dev] Is there any sessions about ECF on EclipseCon2009?, Xue Peng
  • [ecf-dev] TmL 0.3 was released, Fantato Fabio-WFR004
  • [ecf-dev] ECF + GSOC 2009?, Chris Aniszczyk
  • [ecf-dev] RFC 119 work, Scott Lewis
  • [ecf-dev] Reminder: ECF conference call Tuesday 1500 UTC/7am pacific, Scott Lewis

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