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Re: [ecf-dev] REST abstraction for ECF - GSoC '09

Hi Scott

On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 10:13 PM, Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Sreyansh,

I'll give you my view about your questions...but these are my opinion alone.  Markus' pointers to the official docs are useful also.

What exactly they expect from a student?

I think:
a) interest in all things Eclipse...e.g. plugins, OSGi/Equinox, Eclipse-based tooling, languages, team development, sw process, etc
b) plugin/bundle programming experience
c) desire to collaborate with and contribute to the Eclipse (and ECF) community
I have very good understanding of ALL these. I will very soon post my resume also. So hope it can give clear picture on my capability. 
RE: skills
The Eclipse community is generally very technical, and so programming skills are extremely important.  Also, good collaboration/communication skills are extremely helpful, as the community is IMHO very interactive (in a very good way IMHO).

It sounds from your note that your background is good for this project...although it's not immediately clear from below what experience you have with interprocess communications, distributed systems, server implementation, these are elements of both ECF (and REST) that will be useful for this project as well.
This is where I can say I want to improve. I have conceptual understanding of what IPC, Distributed sys, etc. But not very familiar as I never came across such project. I am really looking forward for working on this project. 
Thanks for your interest!  ECF has had some great GSOC projects previously...and I expect that can/will continue this year!


I have read that Devs of the selected organization wants every student to prove their capability by assigning some small tasks. So that they get a confidence that this particular student is capable of doing the project. What you expect from us students in this case? 
Sreyansh Gandhi wrote:

Hi All,
I am Sreyansh from India. I really enjoy working on Eclipse and developing Plug-ins for it. GSoC is a wonderful chance for me to really give back to the Eclipse Community. I am interested in 'REST abstraction for ECF' project found in GSoC 2009 ideas page.
I have worked  on a project that includes Eclipse's EMF, GMF, GEF and also used UML2.  Currently I am interested in Web2.0 phenomena. This is the reason I have narrowed down to the idea based on REST.
I wanted to ask devs out here, that What exactly they expect from a student? What kind of skills? What we need to know before writing our application?


Sreyansh Gandhi,



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