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[ecf-dev] Conference Call Tomorrow: Canceled

Hi Folks,

After a late night fighting producing ECF 3.5M6 for Galileo, I don't think I'm going to be able to get up for an ECF conference call as scheduled on the wiki for tomorrow (Thurs) 8am pacific time. I haven't seen any postings on the agenda for anything other than the items already there (EclipseCon prep), so if people have things that must be discussed before EclipseCon please bring them up here.

Hopefully I will see many of you at EclipseCon 2009. Could the ECF committers please indicate on this mailing list whether you are attending EclipseCon? And if you are attending please come to the ECF bof...and make yourself visible. And everyone able is invited to Portland OR the 27th and/or 28th for an ECF 'meeting' Tasty beverages on me.


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