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[Fwd: Re: [ecf-dev] Pending changes to rfc 119 impl]

Hi Markus,

Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
<stuff deleted>

Scott Lewis wrote:
2) Add support for latest OSGI compendium/RFC 119 spec version (i.e. see

I can probably implement
over the next couple of days.

Ok...that would be fine. I put in stub implementations for now (that return empty Collection).

@Thomas the recent interface updates break SEN's contribution. Do you
intent on updating it?

No, not immediately. If they wish they can do so...or I can/will do it later in the week.

3) Add extension points to the

IMO we should opt for OSGi services instead of EP. Not just because EP
don't support versioning, but also because most users of ECF RFC 119
will probably be more familiar with services rather then EPs.

This is worthy of discussion, but I don't necessarily agree with this. Extension points are an exceptionally easy way for plugins to provide callbacks (e.g. containerFinder). We could also have a service underneath (i.e. have both), but it would/will be more complicated to use...and with little/no tooling (in Galileo anyway).

RE: users of RFC 119 and familiarity with EP vs. Services...this may be true, but it may I would guess there are currently many more users of extension points than services. Although I think having a service is maybe having both is the way to go. make it easily
customizable.  Here are some initial thoughts:

   a) A 'containerFinder' extension point.  Inside the
DiscoveredServiceTrackerImpl is logic to find an appropriate client/peer
container instance(s).  It currently looks through all known container
instances (via the containerManager) and chooses one/several to use to
lookup remote services.  This can/should be generalized, so that other
plugins can help with the search (e.g. by creating new container
instances, or etc).


   c) I believe Markus had some ideas for extension points that would be
notified on the service host/server side as well...and perhaps ideas for
discovery impl extension points also.

It would be great if somebody would help implementing the dynamic dns
update portion of the new DNS-SD based discovery provider. With that
done we can easily add wide area discovery with SLP [1]. A contribution
for [2] would be highly appreciated too.


You might want to propose 'helpwanted' to the ecf-dev mailing list to solicit contributions here (although I haven't looked at the bugs yet I would imagine helpwanted flag is already on them...but using ecf-dev might get the word out faster/better. Or a blog posting might also help. And I could make a blog posting about desired contributions also if you wish...just LMK.


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