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Re: [ecf-dev] Link-Local Messaging in ECF

Hi Roland,

-Correctly support XMPP Resources

I had a similar issue with XMPP resources support in ECF. Scott Lewis has done a great job to support resources in ECF. You can use the IFQID interface to handle resources:

public interface IFQID {
public String getFQName();
public String getResourceName();

You can get the IFQID by using the adapter pattern:

IRosterEntry entry = ((IRosterEntry) o);
IFQID fqID = (IFQID) entry.getUser().getID().getAdapter(IFQID.class);


Am Mar 31, 2009 um 17:34  schrieb Roland Matha:

Zitat von Markus Alexander Kuppe <>:

Roland Matha wrote:
My name is Roland Matha' , student of the University of Innsbruck in
Tyrol(Austria). I make a Bachelorproject which consists of two tasks:
-Implement support for Link-Local Messaging (XEP 174)
-Correctly support XMPP Resources
Both of them in ECF and for XMPP.

Hi Roland,

this sounds great. I'm especially interested in Link-Local Messaging.

Is the source code somewhere available already? If not it might be
possible for us (ECF team) to set you up with a repo (CVS at

Hello Markus,
I have only just begun with my project.
I think that is a good beginning to work in, if I try first to replace the older
Smack API with the newer 3.1.
When I've finished the second Step (-Correctly support XMPP Resources),that can
takes a month or two, i send the Patch to the MailingList and you can give me
And then I start with the last step(-Implement support for Link-Local Messaging
(XEP 174)).

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