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Re: [ecf-dev] REST abstraction for ECF - GSoC '09

Hi Holger, 

Thanks for throwing so many insights on project. 

Let me tell something more about myself too :)

I am Sreyansh. Doing my Software Engineering in India. I have been using Eclipse for more than 2years now.

- I know what is OSGi and how Eclipse Plugins work in tandem with OSGi Bundles.

- I have written Eclipse Plugins and even playing with Eclipse JDT UI code. I am trying to suggest a small enhancement to it very soon. (under progress)

- I have done a project that included ONLY eclipse/java based technologies like emf, gmf, gef.

- Quite familiar with writing APIs.

- Basic knowledge of REST and also Atom Protocol.

I am just an Undergraduate student willing to learn more and more and more unlike you who are well versed in this field. :)

I will apply for this project with more details in my application. 
2009/3/20 Holger Staudacher <hstaudacher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Sreyansh,
Thanks for your interest in this project, that approves the quality of this idea. The root idea behind this project is to create an API that makes it easy to implement new ecf providers based on REST. So there are a few things you should have a good knowledge of:

1) Representational State Transfer (REST): You should get a quite understanding what REST is and how it works. This means get a good understanding how it uses HTTP and it's functions like GET,POST, UPDATE and DELETE (these are the most used methods by REST).
2) ECF: You should know how ECF containers/providers work. This is very importent to create a usable API which the new providers will be use.
3) API: You should know how to write API. This is very difficult because writing good API is a challange for every programmer.
4) other things: There are other Things you should know i.e. architecture behind distributed systems, Java, Eclipse Architectur (Plugins and so on)...

I hope this gives you a better understanding of the requirements for this project.

Maybe I can use this opportunity to introduce myself, too. I'm Holger from Germany. I work with Scott in the same Company and do my master studies at the Hochschule Furtwangen in the beautifull Black Forest. The Idea for this project arose from a chat with Scott a few month ago. Therefor I wrote the description and published it on the GSoC ideas wiki site. I think I'm the right guy for this project because I bring the following skills with me:

1) Knowledge of REST.
2) Knowledge how ECF works (basically).
3) Experience in writing API. My last project was to create the new interaction design API for RAP. You will see the results at this years EclipseCon (Take a look at Jeff McAffer's first talk).
4) Experience with Java, Eclipse and so on. 
5) I'm involved in other projects i.e. Eclipse RAP.

I plan to develope the API test driven, so I hope a good quality will be the result. Currently I'm writing my application for this project because I want to be the student here, too :) 

Regards Holger

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