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Re: [ecf-dev] GSoC ECF ideas.... Yahoo EPL'ed version or SIP/VoIP??

Hi Rajeev,

Rajeev Sampath wrote:

I'm Rajeev Sampath, a student of Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

For this year's GSoC, I'm interested in two ideas related to ECF.

1. Implementing an EPL'd version of the Yahoo protocol and developing a provider for it.
2. SIP VoIP implementation.

Regarding the yahoo implementation..... is there a specific reason for this project other than building a ECF specific implementation and doing it at own pace of ECF (without waiting till third party libraries get adapted whenever yahoo modifies its protocol) ? Since there's an already working provider supplied by OSU OSL, is there a specific reason to have another EPL'd implementation?

I think Remy's note sums up the answer to this pretty well.

Regarding the SIP VoIP implementation, since the ECF's softphone capabilities are still at a basic stage, is it more desirable to take this on rather than the yahoo implementation?

I think this would be very exciting. Note we already have an enhancement request for this: and committer Roland Fru has done some work on this (I don't know the state of that work, but I've forwarded a copy directly to Roland).

Note that there are likely to be some potentially complicating is the licensing of the SIP implementation (unless you do a whole SIP implementation yourself). The second is the availability of necessary codecs...without using the Java Media API (which is also problematic in terms of easy use within EF projects). If you already have solutions to these items then that's great...and I don't wish to discourage you at all...but I just would like to make you aware that these may prove to be barriers (I/we can and will help you overcome them, but they are not completely up to the ECF team).

If so, is it ok if we implement SIP/SDP for the singaling part ourselves and then use some third party open source libraries for media transport (RTP) such as jRTP?

Yes, this is possible. The specifics on the licenses for the media transport will be important though...e.g. Mozilla, Apache, BSD...good/compatible, GPL, LGPL...more that may influence your choices (I don't know anything about jRTP so it may/may not be an issue with that particular library). Again, I/we will provide any information desired, so please just continue to ask questions on this mailing list.


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