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[ecf-dev] help regarding Gsoc ... plz...

hello i had added my idea to Eclipse Gsoc wiki. the abtract is as follows :

Online judges are getting a lot of acceptance and response worldwide these days. Primarily, An Online judge is something which'll accept a piece of code (sent Online), compile and execute it and run it against a set of test cases to verify the correctness of the program. Not only this, but an Online Judge also calculates other details such as Memory taken, Time of execution, Size of the Source code and so on. These judges are mostly used for conducting programming matches among a group of passionate people. But it can still be tweaked to do a lot of other stuffs. An online Judge can be used in a classrooms and make programming more exciting. It can be also use to teach basic programming concepts and carefully modified for it. In addition to this, the online judge is implmented in a group chat environment (On jabber servers). This would enhance the interaction and further increase the excitement.

This project will add an Online Judge feature. Any one in the world can host an online competition/ programming session/ share codes online etc.

Any suggestions in improving the idea ? plz help .. i knw i'm late :(

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