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Re: [ecf-dev] Request ECF 2.0.0 source code

Hi Jack,

To get the ECF 2.0 source code, first get all the necessary projects (HEAD) from CVS via the instructions at: _

Then, in Eclipse, select the relevant projects, and

1) open the context menu (right click) and select Team->Switch to Another Branch or Version...
2) Choose the 'Select the tag from following list' radio button
3) Choose the 'Refresh tags' button (at this point it will ask you to authenticate using anonymous) 4) At this point you can open either the Release_2_0 branch (under branches) OR the v20080611-1715 tag (under Versions).

The branch contains the *current value of the 2_0 stream*...which had some bug fixes applied in the summer and fall. The tag has the *exact* copy of what was distributed on 6/11/2008.

Also, note that for Eclipse 3.5 p2 will/is using ECF 3.0 filetransfer...which is what is present in HEAD (we don't have a distinct Release_3_0 stream yet, but will when we get closer to the Galileo release).

Please let us know if you have any troubles (or even if you don't :).



Jack Luo wrote:

Hi ECF team,

Recently I submit a bug related to Eclipse 3.4.1 P2 update manager _

After more investigation, I find P2 update manager uses "org.eclipse.ecf.*_2.0.0.v20080611-1715*" libraries to download files from server.

So I plan to find corresponding ECF2.0.0 source codes for more debugging.

However I have no luck to find them after several tries below
1) go to _, and no ECF2.0.0 source codes are included in the souce build zip package

2) follow instruction in _ to use CVS to access ECF source code. However I can not find ECF2.0.0 source codes there.

Could you please inform me how to get ECF2.0.0 source codes?

Thanks a lot for your assistance in advance!



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