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[ecf-dev] GSoC ECF ideas.... Yahoo EPL'ed version or SIP/VoIP??


I'm Rajeev Sampath, a student of Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

For this year's GSoC, I'm interested in two ideas related to ECF.

1. Implementing an EPL'd version of the Yahoo protocol and developing a provider for it.
2. SIP VoIP implementation.

Regarding the yahoo implementation..... is there a specific reason for this project other than building a ECF specific implementation and doing it at own pace of ECF (without waiting till third party libraries get adapted whenever yahoo modifies its protocol) ? Since there's an already working provider supplied by OSU OSL, is there a specific reason to have another EPL'd implementation?

Regarding the SIP VoIP implementation, since the ECF's softphone capabilities are still at a basic stage, is it more desirable to take this on rather than the yahoo implementation?
If so, is it ok if we implement SIP/SDP for the singaling part ourselves and then use some third party open source libraries for media transport (RTP) such as jRTP?

Your comments will be much appreciated.