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[ecf-dev] Pending changes to rfc 119 impl

Hi Folks,

Over the next few days, I (Scott) am planning to update the (and possibly discovery) bundles to address the following:

1) Some bugs that were seen/identified during Markus' and my tutorial...resulting from (e.g.) multiple service hosts all publishing on the same lan. 2) Add support for latest OSGI compendium/RFC 119 spec version (i.e. see 3) Add extension points to the make it easily customizable. Here are some initial thoughts: a) A 'containerFinder' extension point. Inside the DiscoveredServiceTrackerImpl is logic to find an appropriate client/peer container instance(s). It currently looks through all known container instances (via the containerManager) and chooses one/several to use to lookup remote services. This can/should be generalized, so that other plugins can help with the search (e.g. by creating new container instances, or etc). b) A 'remote lookup advisor' extension point, so that the process of receiving a discovery notification, looking up remote service references, getting a proxy, etc can all be customized at runtime via this extension point (or have UI/progress notification, etc). c) I believe Markus had some ideas for extension points that would be notified on the service host/server side as well...and perhaps ideas for discovery impl extension points also. 4) Add full support for IRemoteServicesContainerAdapter.getRemoteServiceReferences(ID,String,String). This is a new lookup method, and will be used to eliminate the need for an explicit container.connect for connectionless providers.

Any thoughts/comments appreciated...and if others would like to be involved in this (i.e.implementing or doc, etc), please say so here or send me email.



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