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Re: [ecf-dev] GSoC ECF ideas.... Yahoo EPL'ed version or SIP/VoIP??

Hi Rajeev,

2009/3/27 Rajeev Sampath <rjvranga@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Regarding the yahoo implementation..... is there a specific reason for this
> project other than building a ECF specific implementation and doing it at
> own pace of ECF (without waiting till third party libraries get adapted
> whenever yahoo modifies its protocol) ? Since there's an already working
> provider supplied by OSU OSL, is there a specific reason to have another
> EPL'd implementation?

Correction, it is not "another EPL'd implementation" because jYMSG is
not under the EPL. The reason the Yahoo provider is distributed
through OSUOSL and not at is because of this license
incompatibility. Thus, we are interested in having people implement
protocols under the EPL or an EPL-friendly license.


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