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  • [Dltk-dev] Welcome Pavel Petrochenko as a new technology.dltk Committer, andrey
  • [Dltk-dev] Europa RC1 build failed due to DLTK and UML2, Bjorn Freeman-Benson
  • [Dltk-dev] Committer vote for Pavel Petrochenko has been approved by the PMC, bjorn . freeman-benson
  • [Dltk-dev] Committer vote for Pavel Petrochenko has concluded successfully, andrey
  • [Dltk-dev] +1 for Pavel Petrochenko, fourdman
  • [Dltk-dev] Vote for Committer status for Pavel Petrochenko has started, andrey
  • [Dltk-dev] TCL - Extracting a call graph, Phillip Martin
  • [Dltk-dev] DLTK Breakpoints, Werner Schuster (murphee)
  • [Dltk-dev] Where to define the Toggle Comment Action, lists
  • [Dltk-dev] How-to enable Content Assist, lists
  • [Dltk-dev] dltk class documentation, Andy Wyde
  • [Dltk-dev] TCl DLTK - No documentation help on hover., pfinnegan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • [Dltk-dev] Sorry for the long subject, Nicolai Mainiero
  • [Dltk-dev] Outline Elements are jumping to the wrong position in the Editor Hi, I'm working on the Outline View for the Lua Editor and now I've the following problem. I use ANTLR 3.0 for the generation of the AST. The rule to detect a function looks like: localFunctionDeclaration @init{ MethodDeclaration m = null; } :f='local' 'function' n=NAME { m = new MethodDeclaration(toDLTK(f),toDLTK(n)); decl.addStatement(m); } funcbody[m] e='end' ; Where decl is of type ModuleDeclaration and I use the toDLTK from the Python grammar file. This is the only thing added to decl but when selected in the Outline View it jumps not to the correct line in the editor. Am I missing something. How detailed has the AST to be? Nicolai Mainiero, Nicolai Mainiero
  • [Dltk-dev] Forbidden link in Python Example, thiago
  • [Dltk-dev] Ruby Syntax Validation Failure, Daniel Spiewak
  • [Dltk-dev] Tcl Eclipse DLTK install guide., Patrick Finnegan
  • [Dltk-dev] IMPORTANT: change in requirements for Conforming Incubation Phase projects, Anne Jacko
  • [Dltk-dev] DLTK Ruby, Mailing Lists
  • [Dltk-dev] DBGp for Ruby, Werner Schuster (murphee)
  • [Dltk-dev] How to enable Tclchecker?, wang dada
  • [Dltk-dev] Why DLTK does not support trace in multiple files?, wang dada
  • [Dltk-dev] New DLTK Ruby build (with open type fixes), Mikhail Kalugin
  • [Dltk-dev] DLTK Ruby Overriding Open Type, Daniel Spiewak
  • [Dltk-dev] DLTK 1.0 M6 candidate, Andrey Platov
  • [Dltk-dev] dltk-dev tutorial?, Tino Scherrer
  • [Dltk-dev] Re: Fwd: JRuby plugin, Andrey Platov
  • [Dltk-dev] Configure an Ruby Interpreter for unit tests, Andrey Platov
  • [Dltk-dev] DLTK is not in compliance as an incubating project, Anne Jacko
  • [Dltk-dev] Lua Plugins for DLTK, Nicolai Mainiero
  • [Dltk-dev] DBGp for Ruby?, Werner Schuster (murphee)

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