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[Dltk-dev] TCL - Extracting a call graph

Howdy guys,
First off - very impressive work so far with teh DLTK plugin. From an end-users perspective, it is a very valuable tool, but form a developers point of view, it must have been some fascinating work creating this thing. Well done!
I've been happily playing with the TCL aspect of it, and it has got some really valuable tools for us, and I was wondering : how accessible are these from outside the UI of eclipse?
The main thing I'm interested in at the moment is being able to do a bit of static analysis and create a call graph for a body of tcl code. Since it has a call graph facility built in to the user interface, I was just wondering how easy would this be to parse all the tcl files and look for call graphs on all the procs?
Any tips or ideas on where to look would be great. I had a poke around the DLTK source code, and I thought I had path forward, but I ran out of time. 
- Phil Martin

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