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Re: [Dltk-dev] TCl DLTK - No documentation help on hover.

Hello Patrick,

Thank you very much for your efforts, looks great. In the meantime our goal is to completely move to the, so please could you consider tweaking your documentation according to this goal. We still in lack of documentation at and only this page points to current Update Site. DLTK 0.8 is current development stream for Eclipse 3.2 and I believe 0.8 is much ahead of the Milestone 5 you mentioned in terms of stability and feature completeness... So please consider to point users to this version.

Also please could you check documentation have and icon issues with the latest 0.8 and/or 1.0 builds.

Thank you again, and
Kind Regards,

pfinnegan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Running Tcl DLTK on Windows XP.

I have installed the Tcl man pages but I don't see Tcl documentation help when the cursor hovers over tcl commands in the editor. Note: the DLTK 0.7 link "Eclipse DLTK 0.7 Milestone 5 (*) <javascript: open_window('')>" on ""; points to '')" which is a 1.0 download.

I have posted the install procedure on the net. See link below for details.

I installed Active State Tcl Checker but there is no icon for the TclChecker in the tool bar. Otherwise TclChecker works OK.
Installed DLTK version is:

Directory of C:\eclipse32TestDLTk\features

19/04/2007 18:41 <DIR> org.eclipse.dltk.runtime_1.0.0.v200701030716 19/04/2007 18:42 <DIR> org.eclipse.dltk.tcl_1.0.0.v200701030716

C:\eclipse32TestDLTk\plugins>dir *dltk*

03/01/2007 07:18 40,200 org.eclipse.dltk.console.ui_1.0.0.v200701030716.jar 03/01/2007 07:18 17,981 org.eclipse.dltk.console_1.0.0.v200701030716.jar 03/01/2007 07:18 1,307,170 org.eclipse.dltk.core_1.0.0.v200701030716.jar 03/01/2007 07:18 264,086 org.eclipse.dltk.debug.ui_1.0.0.v200701030716.jar 03/01/2007 07:18 129,958 org.eclipse.dltk.debug_1.0.0.v200701030716.jar 03/01/2007 07:18 120,079 org.eclipse.dltk.launching_1.0.0.v200701030716.jar 03/01/2007 07:18 108,460 org.eclipse.dltk.tcl.core_1.0.0.v200701030716.jar 03/01/2007 07:18 63,402 org.eclipse.dltk.tcl.debug.ui_1.0.0.v200701030716.jar 03/01/2007 07:18 3,861 org.eclipse.dltk.tcl.debug_1.0.0.v200701030716.jar 03/01/2007 07:18 24,586 org.eclipse.dltk.tcl.launching_1.0.0.v200701030716.jar 03/01/2007 07:18 42,636 org.eclipse.dltk.tcl.tclchecker_1.0.0.v200701030716.jar 03/01/2007 07:18 179,442 org.eclipse.dltk.tcl.ui_1.0.0.v200701030716.jar 03/01/2007 07:18 2,748,528 org.eclipse.dltk.ui_1.0.0.v200701030716.jar




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