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Re: [Dltk-dev] DBGp for Ruby?

Hi Werner,

At the moment nothing implemented on the interpreter (Ruby) side and we planned to start implementation on the next week. BTW I just found a comment from Martin ( and very excited about debug-common effort. If possible we'd like to join the project and contribute.

As for Komodo, there are no standalone implementation and I'm afraid it is not open source. Another problem is that all current DBGp implementations are out-of-sync with protocol specification: we had a lot of problems with ActiveState's tcl debugger as well as reported some inconsistencies to xdebug few years ago (hope xdebug now follows DBGp specs strictly).

So our primary goal at the moment is to have DBGp implementation for Ruby and probably propose some extensions to the protocol.

Kind Regards,

Werner Schuster (murphee) wrote:

what's the status on a DBGp protocol for Ruby?
If I understand correctly, Kommodo has some implementation of it for
it's Ruby debugging support - is that publically available or only with
their product?

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