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Re: [Dltk-dev] DLTK Ruby

Ideally it seems that it would be better to bring Chris, and the other
RDT developers, in versus casting them aside and running.  It
certainly seems that their experience and work would be invaluable to
really rocketing DLTK functionality, particularly for Ruby, light
years ahead.


On 4/10/07, Werner Schuster (murphee) <werner.schuster@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Daniel Spiewak wrote:
> Andrey, I talked to Chris Williams a while back and he said that he's
> never
> received an invitation to donate time to DLTK in the past, but he implied
> that he'd be quite willing.  Are there any plans in the works to bring
> the
> RDT team into the mix?

Just for the record,
 - the Refactoring code that is now added to RDT is quite independent of
RDT (it just needs the JRuby AST + Eclipse LTK)
   so it's quite easy to bring that over
 - RDT has the edge in debugging, having both old set_trace_func
debugging (slow) and new ruby-debug (native extension, fast)
   support in 0.9. DLTK can have debugging very soon too, it only needs
a DBGp implementation which could have backends for
   the old debugging method and ruby-debug;
 - RDT has TestUnit support, ie. a nice View (a la JDT's JUnit view)
that is very useful for running tests, rerunning individual tests and
comparing results
   Actually, this would be quite nice to have as DLTK framework
 - Chris W. has added some Ruby Lint functionality, ie. RDT searches for
some code patterns and issues warnings, which is quite nice,
   but there's some ongoing work on writing something more general and
Ruby based to define patterns/Lint functionality like this;

My point of view, the best Ruby IDE
 - DLTK 1.0
 - some 3rd party plugins, eg stuff salvaged from RDT like the TestUnit
view, Refactoring, etc


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