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[Dltk-dev] DLTK Version Numbers

Hi folks,


DLTK release is coming and we’re focused on conformance to Eclipse Foundation rules for a past weeks. Obviously DLTK project was created and we delivering in a big rush (most of Europa projects was at M4 stage at DLTK creation time), so we still have a poor infrastructure, documentation, etc…


One of the sources of chaos is DLTK version numbers, which we’re going to fix now with RC2 milestone. Key facts we have to consider:

·         We’re an incubation project and we can not release N.0 versions, just 0.N ones, so we shall assign N to our release (currently labeled 1.0)

·         We already have 0.7 release (TCL IDE in January) and 0.8 TCL IDE stream, which is alive (we’re maintaining Eclipse 3.2 compatibility).


Ideally we shall renumbering versions to something like 0.5, 0.6, 0.7 (releases and branches mentioned above). Advantage is to have a space potential releases before we graduate from the Incubator. >From other side such numbering would increase current numbering chaos, so we came to conclusion to renumber current 1.0 version to 0.9. If we’ll look at other projects we could see that one interim release is often enough for a project to reach mature state (WTP 0.7, PDT is going to have only 0.7 release before 1.0, etc).


So version statements and actions are:

·         We’ll release DLTK’s 0.9 Core, Ruby, and TCL components in Europa timeframe. Source code is in HEAD

·         We’ll release DLTK’s 0.8 Core and TCL components in Europa timeframe. Source code is in R0_8 branch.

·         We’ll go toward graduation with next release, which will have 1.0 number.

·         We have some components developed but did not passed IP approval (like Mylar integration). These components will go in CVS (HEAD) as soon as allowed with 1.0 version number.

·         All references to 0.7 shall be removed. 0.8 stream is much stable now and have much more features, so there are no reasons to recall our January release.

·         All references to 1.0 shall be removed. Folks please help with removing these reference everywhere or just update me when found.


Kind Regards,

Andrey Platov


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