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Re: [Dltk-dev] DLTK Ruby Overriding Open Type

Yeah, I am on the very latest (just reinstalled today).

Doesn't work from the ruby perspective either.  Though, I'll grant that may be due to my messing with the keyboard shortcuts.


On 3/30/07, Andrey Platov <andrey@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello Daniel,

Did you tried shortcut from "Ruby" perspective? It should work at least when
1) You're in Ruby perspecive
2) Ruby Source Editor has focus

Also please could you check you have latest DLTK Core and Ruby installed

Thank you, and
Kind Regards,

Daniel Spiewak wrote:
> Hey guys!
> After I installed DLTK Ruby (both SDK and IDE), the Open Type keyboard
> shortcut (Ctrl-Shift-T) stopped working altogether.  There's nothing
> related in the error log or anything like that.  I even tried
> resetting the keyboard shortcuts to see if that would do it, but no
> dice.  I can access open type from the toolbar or menus, just not via
> the keyboard.
> Daniel
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