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Re: [Dltk-dev] How to enable Tclchecker?


Please, check that the Tcl perspective is enabled. Just in case, check that TclChecker plug-in is installed. For that go to Help => About Eclipse SDK => Plug-in Details and try to find plug-in with id "org.eclipse.dltk.tcl.tclchecker".

Dmitriy Kovalev

    I watched the video about "Tcl Debugger and Interactive console"
    EclipseCon 2007, DLTK Long Talk Screencasts posted at
    <>. Could anyone tell me how to
    configure the Tcl IDE to enable those functions? Such as dynamic
    help(in the video when lappen is typed), auto-completion etc.?

*Another question is how to enable Tclchecker?*

*I followed the procedure descriped as in **** but I cannot find "Enable TclChecker" command in the menu when I right click on the project name. *



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