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Re: [Dltk-dev] DBGp for Ruby

Dmitriy Kovalev wrote:
> It's very interesting to know that you already have an implementation
> of DBGP on ruby side. 
I should mention that rumors of a full DBGp implementation for Ruby are
greatly exaggerated right now - but I should have some basic
breakpoint support quite soon. The protocol is more of a fun/hobby
project for me.

> I think it would be great if we can test how your library works with
> our Java code. We can add some changes in DLTK-Ruby for testing of
> your library. It allows to fix protocol-related bugs in both
> implementations. Do you like this idea?
Yes - at the moment I'm simulating the DBGp IDE with some Ruby code, and
having something real to test against would be useful, if only to check
the Ruby implementation of the network protocol.

> In general, you can put Ruby-code in any separate plug-in that has
> Java interface for starting/stopping of the debugging engine. For more
> information about how the debugging process (and configuration) is
> organized with TCL please see
OK - I'll take a peek at that,


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