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Re: [Dltk-dev] DLTK Ruby Overriding Open Type

Andrey Platov wrote:
> Did you tried shortcut from "Ruby" perspective? It should work at
> least when
> 1) You're in Ruby perspecive
> 2) Ruby Source Editor has focus

I see the same behavior - in the Ruby Perspective + Ruby editor active
-> I get no Open Type (neither in the Menu nor as shortcut).
In the Java Perspective, I get the Menu item Navigate/Open Type, but
that seems to be the JDT Open Type (when I set a breakpoint in and used Navigate/Open
Type, the breakpoint wasn't triggered);

Note: when I look into the preferences for Keyboard shortcuts, the
Command is listed with the correct key sequence and with the correct
context ("Editing Ruby Source").

There were some changes in the commands system in Eclipse 3.3 as far as
I can tell - could that have caused some problems?

I'm running Eclipse 3.3M6 + the the CVS Head of DLTK;


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