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  • Re: [wtp-dev] WS-Addressing, (continued)
  • [wtp-dev] Use of BEA plugin impl, Mike Murphy
  • [wtp-dev] WTP 2.0.3 M build declared: M-2.0.3-20080628180324, Helen Zhang
  • [wtp-dev] Contructing text presentations (with a StructuredPresentationReconciler), Roy Ganor
  • [wtp-dev] WTP and classpath entries of type library, Ian Carr
  • [wtp-dev] WebSphere 6.1 Support, Stopp, Bryan
  • [wtp-dev] Mixing spec levels in EAR. Opinions?, Raev, Kaloyan
  • [wtp-dev] WTP 3.0 announcement, Angel Vera
  • [wtp-dev] small tweak to WTP's final bits, David M Williams
  • [wtp-dev] Request for a WTP 2.0.3 maintenance release.., raghunathan . srinivasan
  • [wtp-dev] Source editing plugins branched for R3_0_maintenance, Amy Wu
  • [wtp-dev] New Bugzilla target milestones for official patches, Raev, Kaloyan
  • [wtp-dev] Web services plugins branched for R3_0_maintenace, Kathy Chan
  • [wtp-dev] WTP Facet Problem, Mike Murphy
  • [wtp-dev] Fw: Branching Common, Gary Karasiuk
  • [wtp-dev] Fwd: EJB WebServices, Sainath Chowdary
  • [wtp-dev] WTP Project Leads: Please contribute to the Ganymede Press Release:, raghunathan . srinivasan
  • [wtp-dev] 3.0.x Maintenance Releases, Tim deBoer
  • [wtp-dev] Are we there yet?, David M Williams
  • [wtp-dev] Adding custom project types?, Mike Murphy
  • [wtp-dev] Get an Entity fields, Manov, Milen
  • [wtp-dev] WTP UX Whiteboard, Raev, Kaloyan
  • [wtp-dev] Project meta data is out of date for webtools.sourceediting, portal on behalf of emo
  • [wtp-dev] Project meta data is out of date for, portal on behalf of emo
  • [wtp-dev] Project meta data is out of date for webtools.common, portal on behalf of emo

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