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[wtp-dev] WTP UX Whiteboard

I am posting to the wtp-dev mailing list the following message I have
sent to the wtp newsgroups.


Hello WTP community, 

We are shutting down the WTP 3.0 release now and soon we will start
thinking on the planning for the next WTP development cycle. Therefore,
we'd like to collect all your great ideas about improving user
experience (UX) with WTP. There is a place for this on the Eclipse Wiki
site. It is called the WTP UX Whiteboard:

There you can submit all your blue sky ideas (follow the instructions on
the page) or review and comment on the already submitted ones. The goal
of the WTP UX Whiteboard is to collect all UX ideas on one place and to
provide a quick overview on them. Each UX idea should have a
corresponding Bugzilla entry where actual discussions take place.
Although the WTP UX Whiteboard does not guarantee that all UX ideas
would go to the Requirements Planning for certain WTP release, it aims
to be the mediator for the WTP community to propose user experience
topics and to be an important source of requirements during the release

Greetings and warmly welcome!
Kaloyan Raev
WTP User Experience Lead

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