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[wtp-dev] WTP 3.1 Planning: Call for participation...

Hello WTP Users, Adopters and Developers,


Congratulations on a yet another successful yearly release of WTP!  Your active participation and contribution was instrumental in the success of WTP 3.0.


It is time to start the planning for the next major release, WTP 3.1 scheduled for June, 2009. As with the last release, I will be facilitating the planning process. The one significant change this year is that we will define the plan in the Standard Project Plan format as required by the Eclipse Board.  I have created a WTP Project Plan wiki page that documents the process and the schedule. As explained in the wiki page, please log your enhancement requests in Bugzilla adding the ‘plan’ keyword to the bug.


WTP Project Leads: Please triage the feature requests for this release. I would like to generate the first draft of the project plan by July 31. We will iterate through this process until the Feature Freeze milestone.



Raghu Srinivasan

WTP PMC Member, Project Lead – JSF Tools Project.


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