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AW: [wtp-dev] WS-Addressing

Hi Valentin,

Thank you for your answer. I’ll try it there. Again, I am sorry for faultly posting to this list.





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Hi Torsten,

Yes, this is not the right forum to ask your question: this list is for developers of the Web Tool platform.

Please ask your question on the Web Tools newsgroup and someone will try to help you there. To get access to the newsgroup you can start here and look for the eclipse.webtools newsgroup. You can read the web archives here

Valentin Baciu
Rational XML Web Services Tools


"Torsten A." <c2k_list@xxxxxx>




07/08/2008 09:20 AM


[wtp-dev] WS-Addressing


Hello everyone,
I am sorry if this is the wrong group, but I'm just terribly lost. I am
looking for almost 2 weeks now for a simple answer and no one can seem to
know the anser.
All I would like to know is whether the WSDL editor supports WS-Addressing.
I didn't find anything, but who knows. I really hope someone can help me!


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