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Re: [wtp-dev] Contructing text presentations (with a StructuredPresentationReconciler)

Thanks Roy .. I've updated the bug with some information, but will add a little here for all to read ...

We just made a major release ... everyone I know working on the project is exhausted and/or working on other things that have been waiting for the release to be done!
I guess you did wait a few days after the release :)  so guess you are aware of our schedule (even though your release schedule is much different).

This is a good point to remind the community that one advantage of the simultaneous release is that then consuming projects do find issues and make requests all on the same scheduled cycle ... in some ways harder, but in some ways better ... but, that's a side issue to you concerns at hand.

I don't think anyone minds getting requests, reminders about what consumers and end-users would like for WTP 3.0.1, but ... did just want to remind the community at large not to set your expectations too high that suddenly "everyone is now free and available" to work on new things -- we will all have our hands full deciding which really bad bugs do NOT get fixed due to lack of time and people. Remember, it is an extremely small team!

And ... I'm sure you know ... our maintenance releases normally focuses on the only the worst bugs that need to be fixed (not new additions).

But, I'm sure the team will do what they can for you (if they can do anything), and again, we appreciate the reminders and requests for what you and others would like in 3.0.1.
(I don't mean to be negative, or scolding, though I know I always sound that way).

I think further discussions on this can take place in the bugzilla.


From: "Roy Ganor" <roy@xxxxxxxx>
To: <wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 06/28/2008 12:48 PM
Subject: [wtp-dev] Contructing text presentations (with a        StructuredPresentationReconciler)

Hello all,
I wonder if someone has a problem adding a method to the sse presentation reconciler which constructs a "repair description" for a given damage and returns description as a text presentation.
This method can be used to enable Semantic Highlighting for sse-based editors.
Issue covers this topic.
- Roy_______________________________________________
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