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[wtp-dev] Use of BEA plugin impl

Hi, I wrote a small plugin based on Konstantin's facet tutorial.  I provided my own class to implement the action, but I was afraid to remove items from the AbstructUI Plugin class.  This didn't do much, some logging and getters and setters.  I did change this file, of course, but only the class name and a couple of methods.  Everything else was freshly written based on the tutorial.

What is the ethos for this?  There was a BEA copyright in the top of the tutorial file.  It is necessary to completely rewrite this file from scratch?  Is it okay to modify it?  Does it have to be modified beyond all recognition?  I brought in the logging methods unchanged into my version of the plugin class.

I don't want to be dishonorable or get in trouble, but frankly I also don't know a lot about implementing that class.  I use it to get some handles for my action.  Is this okay?  How should I handle this?

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