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[wtp-dev] Some improvements in "patch builds" and a proposed P20080707123702

I've set up a "patch build" for 3.0.0 stream, and so far (and hopefully only :) patch request is
for bug 236010 .

I've improved the infrastructure so that a patch build stays on the build machine, until we are all happy with it, and then it will be promoted to the download server (they used to always go to the download server, then we'd delete some that we wouldn't want people using ... kind of confusing).

So, the new URL for preliminary patch builds is

Once we get a 'go', we'll promote it to the classic patches site

The proposed patch build is at

So ... question ... is there a need to make this proposed fix available via our update site? Or can it wait until 3.0.1 is released? It's a fair amount of work, in case you're wondering (several hours -- plus we'd need to test well to make sure works with P2 as expected) so didn't want to do it unless there was a call from committers and project leads to do so. Plus, if is intended for update site, where in theory can effect existing products, it also needs PMC Review and Approval.

Let me know,


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