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[wtp-dev] Adding custom project types?


I am in charge of creating a plugin to run over WTP that leverages "New Project" extension point.  The goal is to mass import out project assets, which include a deployable EE jar file for back end services and a large HTML/_javascript_ project.

My manager rules out using the Import Wizard from a ZIP file or filesytem once a new WTP project is created.  He wants a custom New Project wizard that extends the current Dynamic Web Project wizard.  I created a simple new project wizard that use jFace to unpack a ZIP file included in the resource bundle.  The assets all get in place but apparently this doesn't inherit the nature of WTP type projects, and things server sync etc. don't work.

Is there a way to leverage the nature of WTP in this simple wizard?  Or do I have to directly modify the WTP build?   I have less than one year of full time Java experience, and while I'm a clever person that doesn't seem reasonable to me. 

What is the smart way to approach this?


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