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  • [mojarra-dev] PR to fix and NPE, Jason Lee
  • [mojarra-dev] PR: Manifest Info in API Jar, Jason Lee
  • [mojarra-dev] Releasing the 2.3.18, arjan tijms
  • [mojarra-dev] Slight code reorg, Jason Lee
  • [mojarra-dev] Staging Mojarra 4.0.0 for release, arjan tijms
  • [mojarra-dev] Committer Election for Jason Lee on Eclipse Mojarra has started, emo
  • [mojarra-dev] Releasing Mojarra 2.3.17, arjan tijms
  • [mojarra-dev] Winding down for 4.0, arjan tijms
  • [mojarra-dev] A vulnerability report requires your attention, Wayne Beaton
  • [mojarra-dev] Releasing Mojarra 3.0.1, arjan tijms
  • [mojarra-dev] Faces 3.0: Release Plan for 3.0.1, Volodymyr Siedlecki
  • [mojarra-dev] faces-redirect=true alternative via Annotation?, Thomas Andraschko
  • [mojarra-dev] Simple Faces Flow example is not working as expected, Hussain.NM
  • [mojarra-dev] Faces 4.0: composite:extension unused?, Thomas Andraschko
  • [mojarra-dev] Faces 4.0 Release Plan, Paul Nicolucci
  • [mojarra-dev] Faces 4.0: ClientWindowScoped prototyped in MyFaces, Thomas Andraschko
  • [mojarra-dev] Unmerged bugfix PR, Thomas Andraschko
  • [mojarra-dev] Deprecate or remove implicit implicit object el resolver for faces?, arjan tijms
  • [mojarra-dev] First Faces 4.0 proposals prototyped in MyFaces, Thomas Andraschko
  • [mojarra-dev] Starting Jakarta Faces 4.0, arjan tijms
  • [mojarra-dev] Merging 3.0 to master, arjan tijms
  • [mojarra-dev] 2.3.15 release, Erick de Oliveira Leal
  • [mojarra-dev] Move Maven coordinates to org.glassfish:mojarra?, arjan tijms
  • [mojarra-dev] Problems Building the 2.3 Branch, Cody Lerum
  • [mojarra-dev] About to stage Mojarra 3 RC2, arjan tijms
  • [mojarra-dev] Faces Milestone/RC API artifact?, Kevin Sutter
  • [mojarra-dev] Splitting the API into faces-api?, Kevin Sutter

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