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[mojarra-dev] Slight code reorg

Currently for WildFly, we maintain a fork of the Mojarra code base. There are some historical reasons for that that are no longer relevant, so I'd like to transition us to using the upstream Mojarra artifacts directly. One of things we do as part of our build and packaging step, though, is to exclude the API classes (javax.*/jakarta.*), which we include via jakarta.faces:jakarta.faces-api. As things stand now, we will need to continue maintaining our fork to continue the exclusions from the impl archive (I believe we separate the API classes so that we can prevent exposing impl classes to deployments, fwiw).

What I would like to propose and get some feedback on is creating a new module in to move the jakarta.* classes to a new module (e.g., api) and add a dependency on that to impl. I think that would also require some sort of change in jakarta.faces:jakarta.faces-api to adapt to that (unless this new module simply published under that G:A if Central would allow it).

Does anyone see a reason for NOT doing that? Things usually have a reason for being the way the are, so if I'm missing something, please educate me before I put the work in to create a PR. :P


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