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  • Re: [m2e-users] NPE on import existing maven projects, (continued)
  • [m2e-users] is the resource filtering fixed in m2e-wtp now?, wzhao6898@xxxxxxxxx
  • [m2e-users] m2e not installed after upgrading Eclipse to Indigo (3.7) from Galileo (3.5), tklo
  • [m2e-users] m2e, multi-module, EAR and Workspace resolution, Veit Guna
  • [m2e-users] m2e-users] m2e memory usage - part II, Martin Koci
  • [m2e-users] property uninitialized, Stepan Vavra
  • [m2e-users] Best way to have one project looking at a subset of another project, KARR, DAVID
  • [m2e-users] Plugin development: accessing a project's maven coordinates, Laurent PETIT
  • Re: [m2e-users] Context menu on maven plug in, Luna, Maria (Tere -
  • [m2e-users] [m2e-wtp] Webapp gets redeployed when resources change, Harald Wellmann
  • [m2e-users] Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found., Jirong Hu
  • [m2e-users] Error instantiating MavenBuilder on Indigo 3.7.2, John C. Turnbull
  • [m2e-users] FW: org.eclipse.m2e.discovery updatesite needed, Chipeva, Ralitsa
  • [m2e-users] Can't install m2e into Indigo 3.7.2, John C. Turnbull
  • [m2e-users] CONFLICT: JBoss Tools 3.3 & M2E, Joseph D. Carroll Jr.
  • [m2e-users] Maven Import Wizard, Joseph D. Carroll Jr.
  • [m2e-users] maven-war-plugin: References to ejb.jar projects with wrong MANIFEST.MF-Class-Path-Entry, it-media . kopp
  • [m2e-users] M2e incorrectly showing build errors in Eclipse, Knute Snortum
  • [m2e-users] m2e and maven-bundle-plugin error, Cristiano Gavião
  • [m2e-users] Alternative folder structures, ie src/main/jsp, js, css, tags etc, Anthony DePalma
  • [m2e-users] Where can the old version of m2e be found?, Christian Schneider
  • [m2e-users] Trouble configuring plugins to work incrementally in process-resources with wtp, Anthony DePalma
  • [m2e-users] Debugging plugin execution errors, Alan Egerton
  • [m2e-users] Update project configuration for "AspectJ enabled" project, Holger Brands
  • Re: [m2e-users] custom packaging types as project dependencies, Stepan Vavra
  • [m2e-users] Hanging while resolving dependencies, Quah, Elaine
  • [m2e-users] Hide warning for incomplete Mapping checkbox seems non functional., Ian Robertson
  • [m2e-users] m2e-wtp proposal to move to Eclipse, Fred Bricon
  • [m2e-users] [meclipsewtp] lib dir getting created in sources, Stevo Slavić
  • [m2e-users] Needing to hint Javadoc to m2e, Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen
  • [m2e-users] generate-sources not added to source path (xml beans, corba idl), tastle
  • [m2e-users] how to force refresh of local repo content?, Sievers, Jan
  • [m2e-users] resource folders, Nord, James

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