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[m2e-users] Update project configuration for "AspectJ enabled" project


I have an Maven-enabled eclipse project that is also configured for use with the AspectJ compiler.
*.aj files are located in /src/main/java subdirectory. (Is that best-practice/recommended?)

Now, when I call "Update Project Configuration", the java source folders get an attribute "Included: **/*.java".
As a consequence, the aspects aren't included on the build path anymore.
Java classes refering to the aspects don't compile anymore.

I just noticed this behaviour on
- Eclipse Indigo SR 2 with m2e 1.0.200, m2e WTP 0.15.2, AJDT 2.2.0, Maven Integration for AJDT 0.13.0

Is that intentional or am I missing something?
Why is that "Included"-setting necessary?
Any known workarounds besides not calling "Update Project Configuration"?

Please let me know, if something is unclear or if you need more info.