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Re: [m2e-users] Needing to hint Javadoc to m2e

In Eclipse you should be able to right click the jar (under the Maven Dependencies classpath container), select properties and there should be pages to configure the source & javadoc locations.

2012/3/27 Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen <thunderaxiom@xxxxxxxxxxx>



I have a problem with some legacy artifacts which do not have source or javadoc artifacts placed in Maven Central, but where the Javadoc has been published on a webserver, and where I have a source jar present in my workspace.


I would like to be able to hint to m2e that for a given artifact in the pom.xml, I would like to have my source jar “attached” to it as the source and the URL “attached” to it as the Javadoc location.    I would not like to modify the existing artifact or put dummy artifacts in my local repository as I would like a robust solution.


Any suggestions


(for StackOverflow participants there is 250 easy points for this on http://stackoverflow.com/q/9699631/53897)


Thanks for any suggestions.





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