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Re: [m2e-users] Hanging while resolving dependencies

Currently m2e is using maven 3.0.2 and aether 1.11, so most likely this bug still applies. We plan to update to maven 3.0.4 and ather 1.13.1, but this waits for eclipse legal team to review these new versions of dependencies.



On 12-03-29 6:36 PM, Quah, Elaine wrote:
I am having the same issue described in

I have a multi-module project to which I've added lifecycle mapping to
prevent any errors when the projects are loaded.

Using Eclipse Indigo SR2 with m2e v1.0.200-20111228-1245, eclipse hangs
when importing a sub-project or performing a maven install. It appears
to happen while resolving dependencies (thread dump attached). The job
cannot be cancelled successfully. It only terminates when java runs out
of memory or is killed.

This project can be opened and built successfully with Eclipse Helios
SR1 and m2e v0.12.1.20110112-1712. It can also be built successfully on
the command line using maven 3.04.

Can anyone confirm whether the fix was applied in m2e
v1.0.200-20111228-1245?If not, when is the next planned release of m2e
containing aether v1.12 and above?

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