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Re: [m2e-users] custom packaging types as project dependencies

Stepan Vavra wrote:

For instance if I want to use axis soapmonitor:

Note, there's no <packaging> element within <dependency>, you likely mean <type>.

I don't see it in Maven's classpath container (i.e.

Whether a given dependency contributes to the classpath or not is controlled by a component (artifact handler) looked up from the dependency type. For custom dependency types, this component would have to be provided via an extension plugin in your project.

For type=mar, I believe the axis2-mar-maven-plugin is responsible to provide the artifact handler. Looking at its sources, I see <addedToClasspath>false</addedToClasspath>, i.e. type=mar is deliberately excluded from the classpath.

So m2e appears to do the right thing and should match what CLI mvn would do during compilation etc.