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  • [jms-dev] This list has moved to: messaging-dev, Eclipse Webmaster
  • [jms-dev] Inclusion of session/connection liveliness semantics, Mantas Gridinas
  • Re: [jms-dev] [cu-dev] [ejb-dev] Jakarta EE 10 and breaking changes, Reza Rahman
  • Re: [jms-dev] [cu-dev] Jakarta EE 10 and breaking changes, Gurkan Erdogdu
  • [jms-dev] Jakarta Messaging Plan for version 3.1 (Jakarta EE 10), Ondro Mihályi
  • [jms-dev] Please review Jakarta EE Messaging TCK contents and approve promotion issue, Ed Bratt
  • [jms-dev] Question about Exception Listener versus disconnects..., Clebert Suconic
  • Re: [jms-dev] [] BALLOT COMPLETE: Approval to release Jakarta Messaging 3.0, Ed Bratt
  • [jms-dev] Preparing for final release, David Blevins
  • [jms-dev] Keeping Open MQ in Sync with Message/JMS bundle, Ed Bratt
  • [jms-dev] New Messaging TCK has been staged, Ed Bratt
  • [jms-dev] Some information for the JMS Spec contents, Ed Bratt
  • [jms-dev] Release review PR for Jakarta Messaging, Ivar Grimstad
  • [jms-dev] TCK User Docs for Jakarta Messaging, Ed Bratt
  • [jms-dev] PR / progress ready for Jakarta Messaging and milestone?, Ed Bratt
  • [jms-dev] I would like to help with JMS project, Leandro Coutinho
  • [jms-dev] Greetings, I've joined as a new committer, Ondrej Mihályi
  • [jms-dev] The spec document, Ondrej Mihályi
  • [jms-dev] Proposals repository, David Blevins
  • [jms-dev] Messaging 3.0 roadmap and organization, David Blevins
  • [jms-dev] Thoughts on JMS 3.0, snackbox@xxxxxxxxx

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