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Re: [jms-dev] Proposals repository

So why not call it "sandbox" or "incubator"?

Interesting idea but unless it could work as an independent module for completely new stuff I see a lot more overhead than dedicated branches in the actual repositories. 


David Blevins <dblevins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb am Fr., 28. Feb. 2020, 03:03:
I've opened a ticket to get us a new repository called `jms-proposals`

The intent is it will be modeled after this pattern:

Here's the concept in practice:

 - Every idea/proposal gets a directory and readme and things can be merged pretty much immediately
 - The README would describe the idea and motivation
 - The src/main/java would contain the proposed API classes
 - The src/test/java might contain any associated TCK tests or mock usage
 - If someone likes an idea but imagines it slightly differently they can copy the dir and tweak it

Things would graduate from the proposals repo to the main jms-api repo only one there's someone who actually implements it.

The primary motivation is to give everyone as much flexibility as possible to propose ideas in any state of polish, while keeping us honest.  A good idea is just an idea till some one implements it.  We don't want to put people in the position to watch their proposal get removed from master because we need to do a release and it isn't supported by anyone.  We also don't want to make someone feel alternate proposals are not welcome because one is already sitting in master occupying "the" slot or something else proposed conflicts.

You would be able to propose an idea in any state of polish.  To have it graduate, you'd need to do all the work or convince someone else to do all the work (api, spec, tck, impl).

The delta between those two is several months, so PR is also not quite great either.

We could potentially do releases from the proposals repo into a clearly non permanent groupId such as `org.eclipse.jakarta.messaging.proposals`

The main API repo would stay in an always releasable state while ideas can have as long as they need to incubate.

At least that's the idea :)

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