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[jms-dev] Inclusion of session/connection liveliness semantics


Recently we had to migrate from IBM Webspheres message broker, which
implemented JMS 1.1 specification to a broker that supports JMS 2.0
but only over AMQP transport, namely Azure Service Bus. For reference
I am using Apache Qpid as a client that permits such combination. The
new broker imposes a limitation on connection being idle, and kills
the connection if it had not sent and/or received a message for a
minute. The exception handler that is installed via
Connection#setExceptionListener(ExceptionListener) does report that a
connection had been closed with respective exception for that client,
but there are several processes that don't depend on asynchronous side
of JMS. While it is still possible to depend on the client throwing an
exception when trying to poll/send a message to assert if session is
still alive, that does feel a bit shooting blindly and hoping for the
best. As a result, would it make sense to include connection/session
liveliness testing in the interface for connection/session?

// Mantas

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