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Re: [jms-dev] Greetings, I've joined as a new committer

Hi Ondrej!  Welcome!

Overall this project is still bootstrapping and there's plenty of room for people to come in and start adding shape.  We're still a blank sheet of paper and you wouldn't offend anyone if you just started writing some things down.  In fact that's a lot of what we need.  Certainly I have a bunch of crazy ideas on what we could do, but ideally they are not even half of the crazy ideas we get.

Feel completely encouraged to propose or do anything.

David Blevins

On Mar 17, 2020, at 8:59 AM, Ondrej Mihályi <ondrej.mihalyi@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello all,

I've recently joined the Messaging specification project as a new committer. I'm a representative of Payara who is a member of the Jakarta EE WG and nominated me as a committer for Jakarta Messaging and Jakarta Batch specifications to reinforce the team and help. I realize that my committer membership wasn't approved by any vote and that I have no history in the Java EE Batch specification either. Therefore I want to assure you I won't commit anything on my own until I earn enough credit to do that. I'll rather act as a contributor first, raising PRs and asking for approval of any steps I'll be doing.

To be honest, I haven't been a member of any Java EE JCP expert group. But I've been closely working with the Java EE progress for around 4 years, before and while working at Payara. I'm a committer on the Eclipse MicroProfile project since it has joined the Eclipse foundation in 2017. In MicroProfile I've worked closely with some other Messaging committers like David Blevins and Kevin Sutter. Some other committers know me very well through my other activities related to MicroProfile and Jakarta EE.

I sincerely wish to be a valuable addition to the team and earn your respect.

Kind regards,
Ondrej Mihályi
Senior Payara Service Engineer
Payara-Tech LDA - Open Source Enterprise Software & Support
E: ondrej.mihalyi@xxxxxxxxxxx | T: +1 415 523 0175 | M: +421 902 079 891
Payara-Tech LDA, Registered Office: Rua Nova de São Pedro no. 54, 2nd floor, room “D”, 9000 048 Funchal, Ilha da Madeira, Portugal
VAT: PT 515158674 | | info@xxxxxxxxxxx | @Payara_Fish

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