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Re: [jms-dev] Preparing for final release was opened a few hours ago about a TCK test checking ConnectionMetaData.getJMSVersion() for `2.0` instead of `3.0` and checking ConnectionMetaData.getJMSMajorVersion() for `2` instead of `3`.

This was discovered while running the Standalone JMS TCK with ActiveMQ. We didn't notice this before as GlassFish appears to still be returning `2.0` instead of `3.0`.

On 10/20/20 9:42 PM, David Blevins wrote:
It seems there's an RC1 of GlassFish we could use for the Compatible Implementation request we need to complete our PR:

 - <>

Tomorrow I plan to hunt it down and see if we can get a TCK run against it using our promoted TCK.  Assuming all that goes we'll, we should be good to prepare the certification request and  once that is added to the GlassFish website, we can let the our mentor know to start the ballot.

Ideally we have a ballot up by Friday.

David Blevins <>

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