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Re: [jms-dev] Thoughts on JMS 3.0



I agree that the ideas are great and would make a lot of existing boilerplate redundant. There’s just one piece of the puzzle that’s missing: how do you link the new listener to a JMS connection?


If you take a look at, it’s just a @MessageConsumer, so there must be a place in the code that creates the correct connection factory and attaches the consumer to the correct connection. This is something that shouldn’t be an implementation detail of a Jakarta EE application server, as I hope to see Jakarta Messaging 100% usable in lightweight applications.


Another piece of the same code that I linked to above that bothers me is the creation of the new strongly-typed client. First of all, it should probably be injected into the class instead of the connection factory. And secondly, a lot of JMS code replies to the queue specified in the ReplyTo header, so a non-void listener method could be annotated to indicate the way its return value should be converted to the message to be sent to that queue.


Best regards,

Alexey Marin


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Hi everyone,

I really love the ideas on David's presentation, also great work Rüdiger.

Hi all,

I just watched the presentation David gave on Jakarta Messaging 3.0 in the JakartaOne livestream, and I loved it. This is really what JMS needs and it probably just takes the right time for a revolution like this to become a reality.

Back in 2010 I was coding a lot of JMS senders and receivers, so I turned my pain with writing all that boiler plate code into what I termed MessageApi (, which was based roughly on the same ideas as JMS 3.0. I even joined the JMS EG to help promote it into a standard, but it was obviously way too early. It’s wonderful to see something similar to happen now; it seems that some ideas are just destined to become reality!

I haven’t worked with JMS for the last 5 years or so, so there was no progress from my side any more. Maybe you’ll find my old input worth taking a look at.

Kind regards,
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