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Re: [jms-dev] Some information for the JMS Spec contents

Seems about right to me.

I think the TCK docs are in good shape though getting another set of eyeballs would be good. I can submit a a PR for a place-holder TCK results summary, which we can update, once we have the promoted TCK. If the API JAR isn't staged yet, we will need another build of OpenMQ, with which we can obtain the final TCK results (and integrate into GlassFish). Or, if you want to handle it all, that's fine too.

-- Ed

On 8/25/2020 7:28 PM, David Blevins wrote:
Here's how I'm imagining the steps from here.  Interested to what others think:

 1. Promote TCK
 2. stage a release of the API and spec (spec project)
 3. stage a release of OpenMQ with the staged API jar (openmq project)
 4. Get a passing TCK run with both staged builds
 5. File Certification Request

Does this sound about right?

On Aug 19, 2020, at 5:12 PM, Ed Bratt <ed.bratt@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

This morning, I offered to help get JMS up to the Spec. PR submission point. As part of that, I thought I could summarize the latest TCK details as well as try to gather updates about the other required components.

I believe the Compatible implementation that is being tested in Jakarta EE TCK Project is Open MQ 6.0

Arjan (or anyone), what is needed to promote this to proposed final status? Presumably, whatever final version is generated will need to be pulled into Eclipse GlassFish as well.

I think there were a couple of issues in the Spec. itself mentioned this morning. Does anyone have a compendium of the remainder of changes needed for the Spec? How about the same for the javadocs?

The TCK production validates against Open MQ 6 - The scrips use whatever version is integrated into GlassFish. It is passing the stand-alone TCK:

  • Standalone test summary, this week's Weekly GlassFish build - here. The full log file (here) reports that it is pulling from the staged-900 folder (i.e. not promoted) for TCKs (here, but it has been rebuilt since the test results, previous, were generated).
  • 904 tests passing (0 failures, 0 skips)

While it's not needed for the component Spec. ballot, the JMS stage in the Platform TCK is also passing.

If someone could review the TCK contents and give a thumbs up, we could promote it so that there won't be more builds (unless we explicitly ask). If you see anything that needs to be fixed, you can let me know, or submit a PR to the jakartaee-tck git repository.

For what it's worth, we didn't make changes to the scripts so in places where it tells the user to use a string like 'ri' if it was just something in the script, we just left it. I didn't want to make changes unless I was going to actually test them and I don't have time to run all these scripts in their respective combinations. If someone wants to take this one, I'd be happy to help review the PR submission.

Anyway, have a look and let me know what you find and/or if we can promote the TCK. I think it's ready, but since I was involved in making many of the changes, it would be nice to get someone else to give a thumbs up.

With a promoted TCK and a proposed final Open MQ build, I could submit a certification result summary in prep. for the ballot. If Open MQ is "done" we could declare a final build and we could file the compatibility certification request.

Seems like this could be pretty close. What do you guys think?


-- Ed

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