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  • Re: [orbit-dev] Problem with com.github.jnr.posix provided through Orbit, (continued)
  • [orbit-dev] Adding/Contributing Hamcrest 2.x to Orbit, Duc Nguyen Nhu
  • [orbit-dev] target milestones, Matthias Sohn
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: R20210602031627 (2021-06), Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] Declaration of 2021-06 R?, Jonah Graham
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: S20210518003616 (2021-06 M3), Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: S20210427185022 (2021-06 M2), Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] PMC Approval required for Committer Election for Alexander Kurtakov on Eclipse Orbit Project, emo
  • [orbit-dev] Committer Election for Alexander Kurtakov on Eclipse Orbit Project has started, emo
  • [orbit-dev] Ant bundle requires Java version "=1.8" instead of ">=1.8", Alexander Kriegisch
  • [orbit-dev] macOS Native libjnidispatch.jnilib in com.sun.jna_* jars not codesigned, Martin D'Aloia
  • Re: [orbit-dev] [cross-project-issues-dev] RAP Tools disabled because of conflicts with Eclipse Platform 4.20 M1 contribution, Gunnar Wagenknecht
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: S20210406213021 (2021-06 M1), Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: R20210223232630 (2021-03), Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: S20210223232630 (2021-03 RC1), Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: S20210216215844 (2021-03 M3), Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] Updated wiki for building and promoting milestone and release builds, Homer, Tony
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: S20210129010711 (2021-03 M2), Homer, Tony
  • [orbit-dev] Bug 570699 - Update Apache HttpClient to 4.5.13, HttpCore to 4.4.13, Homer, Tony
  • [orbit-dev] Late 2021-03 M2 Build / Consuming I-builds, Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] How to contribute LGPL-licensed third party library to Orbit?, Dennis Hendriks
  • [orbit-dev] Why are org.eclipse.ogi-Bundles in the p2 orbit repository, Tom Schindl
  • [orbit-dev] Review of xerces Merge Request, Aurélien Pupier
  • [orbit-dev] Impact for Orbit of recent PDE and Tycho extensions to consume Maven libs directly?, Lars Vogel
  • [orbit-dev] Add as Committer, Nitin Dahyabhai
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: S20210105214148 (2021-03 M1), Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] Stuck PR build, Aurélien Pupier
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: R20201130205003 (2020-12), Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] checkout of CVS based orbit, Jonah Graham
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: S20201124213957 (2020-12 RC1), Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] Orbit contribute directly to simrel, Jonah Graham
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: S20201118210000 (2020-12 M3), Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] Process timeline for a recipe, ShiHeng Guan
  • [orbit-dev] How to remove CVS version of bundle from Orbit, Jonah Graham
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: S20201027182932 (2020-12 M2), Roland Grunberg

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